Our Approach:

We take time to listen to what has happened and gather information about your condition.

We undertake a thorough assessment, to look at how you move, where you may have weakness or stiffness and to figure out what could be causing your pain.

We apply hands on techniques where needed to help ease your pain and assist you to move better.

We may use our large Pilates and small exercise equipment to strengthen, mobilise and teach you to move well.

We take time to explain what is happening in your body and why.

Together we will come up with a plan to get you back to doing what you enjoy.

We believe that ‘movement is therapy’ and like to support you between sessions with a take-home program, so you can get better faster. We also run small group clinical exercise sessions to keep you on track with your rehab goals and help bridge the gap between 1:1 physiotherapy and self-management.

We can help with:

We treat your sore necks and backs, sprains and strains and address your niggles from head to toe. Our treatment plans are highly personalised and tailored for your specific needs.

We give people who are experiencing pain, tightness and injury in their body simple solutions to gain long-term relief. Our philosophy towards physiotherapy is an emphasis on “hands-on” care alongside exercise therapy.


Why ‘hands-on’ care alongside exercise therapy?2023-04-04T21:33:46+10:00

‘Hands-on’ techniques can play a very important role, particularly in the early phase of treatment, to relieve pain and improve mobility. We combine these ‘hands-on’ techniques with early active management using exercise as physical therapy. Our goals are to help you; reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility, recover from injury and stave off recurrence.

At Mindful Movers Physiotherapy, we will draw from our wealth of treatment approaches and clinical experience to massage, mobilise, realign, and stretch you. And you’ll have your exercise homework to work on independently.

What happens at the first session?2023-04-04T21:33:22+10:00

We begin with a thorough assessment, talking with you about your condition and goals. The physiotherapist will look at your musculo-skeletal system to detect imbalances, weaknesses, stiffnesses and pain. Based on knowledge from your assessment, we will recommend a program of physiotherapy treatment. Your treatment plan will be highly personalised and specific to your needs.

What happens after the first session?2023-04-04T21:32:54+10:00

As your rehabilitation progresses, we aim to provide you with the skills to move with less pain and greater confidence After your first session, our physiotherapist will guide you through your treatment plan. This may include:
• ‘Hands-on’ physiotherapy treatment sessions
• Combined sessions of ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy with precise and targeted exercise
• Exclusive exercise sessions as you pass out of the early stages of injury and pain
• Small group clinical exercise classes

Not sure if we can help? Send us an enquiry and we can get back to you.